Refresh Your Skincare Routine this Spring

We’ve been cooped up these last few months and become too familiar with the insides of our homes. Spring holds the promise of new beginnings and calls on us to clean out our closets, Feng Shui our furniture and even look for new boos (via zoom and/or social media!!!); and while we make these changes, many of us forget to revamp our skincare routines for the new season.

Here are 5 tips for healthy skin that we’d like to share with you:

1. Exfoliate
As winter peels off, it’s important to make exfoliating your number one priority. Why? To break down all the dead skin build up from the cold winter and the forced heat we used to keep warm. Since the face always remains exposed, harsh environmental conditions such as extreme heat or cold is borne by the face.

Here at Bolden we love glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) derived from cane sugar. It has the smallest molecules in the AHA group and so is able to penetrate the skin deeply and easily, making it the most effective for treating dullness and dark spots. It is a key ingredient in our best-selling Brightening Toner and Nighttime Serum.

2. Stay vigilant with your SPF
Dryness may no longer be as big of an issue in the spring as it was in the winter, so listen to your skin and you may need to swap out heavy moisturizers for lighter ones. While you should wear SPF year-round, we tend to spend a lot more time outdoors in the spring and summer time, so you need more protection. Bolden’s Brightening Moisturizer SPF 30 is a perfect combination of nourishing moisturizers, robust antioxidants, and broad spectrum sun protection.

3. Oil cleansing is all the rage for a reason
Beauty trends come and go, but some have staying power. Jennifer Blair, who has over 20 years of beauty retail management, shared with Bolden that this particular trend is one she currently loves and thinks everyone should dive into. No matter what your skin type is, there is an oil to help cleanse it and break down the dirt and makeup hidden in your pores. 

4. Incorporate a toner into your routine if you haven’t already done so
Blair also notes the importance of incorporating a toner into your skin routine to ensure your skin’s PH levels are balanced after you cleanse your face. A good toner will also help your skin maintain its moisture, shrink your pores and add a layer of protection. You’ll wonder how you ever survived without one. Check out Bolden’s Skin Brightening Toner! It is chuck full of antioxidants and glycolic acid which helps brighten dark spots, diminish fine lines, and improve your skin texture. 

5. Clean out your make-up bag and get rid of expired make-up 
Aside from changing your skincare routine, Jennifer also suggests that you look into your beauty bag and see what cosmetics you haven’t used in the last three months. Beauty products, like food, have a shelf life and it’s important not to use makeup that is old. “Just because you use a certain product once a year doesn’t mean it must stay in your beauty bag.

If you’re looking for new products to include in your new spring skincare regime, also check out Bolden’s Skin Clarifying Cleanser. It is great for dull, congested, breakout-prone skin. It also has a light lather instead of a milky one—something Jennifer advises is important to use as the weather warms up.
Last but not least, Bolden’s iconic Shea Oil works as a 3-in-1 product: makeup remover, cleansing oil, and moisturizer that smells delicious while improving the texture of your skin.

So, what are you waiting for? Get Bolden beautiful today!


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Thank you for sharing this information on refresh your skincare routine this spring. It was useful and interesting. You indeed have written it in a layman way so that anyone can understand and work accordingly. You have done a great job.

Best Hair Salon Christchurch

Will Bolden USA be coming out with a oil cleanser or can you recommend one. Thanks

Anne  M Jennings

I am looking for a serum or cream that has niacinamide in it. Can you recommend one?

Anne M Jennings

Can you recommend an oil cleanser, please? Thank you for your help.


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