Double Cleansing Is Everything!


You know you are really adulting when you can commit to a consistent skincare routine. It can be as easy as taking time every morning and evening to show your face some love. In no time, it’ll begin to pay off. On top of getting a clearer and smoother skin here is one big takeaway.

Double Cleansing Is Everything!

The idea is to use an oil or a cleansing oil to remove sebum, makeup, sunscreen and any other stuff that needs to come off, and then following up with a nourishing cleanser. The oil works as a gentle solvent, effectively removing dirt and all the product you want off, without stripping your skin. The second foaming cleanser removes any leftover oil and finishes up the cleaning. Your face is ready for the next step in your routine.

Bolden’s Shea Oil and Sulfate-Free Cleanser are the perfect duo for a double cleanse.

While many people differ in opinions as to whether or not to use washcloths, they do a great job of removing dirt and have a light exfoliating effect. It is worth mentioning that you’ll need to do a good job of keeping your wash cloth clean to discourage bacteria growth, better yet get a bunch, switch them out every day and wash them on laundry day.

Taking the time to learn about and treat your skin is really rewarding and so worth it.