Facial in a jar!

When asked what my favorite Bolden product is, I wholeheartedly scream the GLOW Hydrating Mask! All our products are very special to me, but I particularly love to use the glow mask because of the instant result I get. I call it a “facial in a jar”. It essentially gives me the same after-facial-glow I get after a facial, but in our case, it only takes 13 minutes and the glow lasts for days!

It is packed in a small jar and has this gel like consistency that makes it easy to apply. It smells very refreshing while it’s on your face, but the fragrance goes always soon after it is rinsed off.

It is best to use it right after cleansing your skin. You may feel a slight tingling when you apply it but this goes away within 1-2 mins. Leave it on for 10-15 mins and then rinse off and pat dry. Your skin will feel so soft, plump and well hydrated and you’ll look dewy and glowy. If going out in the sun, apply some Spf moisturizer. Otherwise, you can spend the rest of the day looking and feeling well moisturized.  

It gets its yummy brown color from caramel and these are a few of the great ingredients that make the above possible: Hyaluronic acid boosts skin’s suppleness by protecting against moisture loss. Glycerin softens and smooths the skin by effectively attracting and retaining moisture. Aloe binds water to the skin and soothes inflammations and irritations. Centella Asiatica is a rich source of amino acids, which helps the skin retain moisture, giving it a smooth and supple look.

Our Bolden Glow Hydrating Mask is quickly becoming a customer favorite and bestseller. Check it out and please drop us a line to share what you think after using it!