Product Spotlight: Bolden Overnight Spot Treatment

So, you have a glam event to attend on Saturday night. You’ve prepared for it for weeks; you have your gorgeous gown hanging in the closet, a complimentary 4 inch heels and clutch bag sitting next to it. You have a plan for your hair where it will be laid for all the gods to see on Saturday morning and you have someone coming over to set your face up with barely there makeup to make it all look natural and effortless.

But then you wake up Thursday morning with a big painful zit that popped up from hell while you were dreaming about looking snazzy come Saturday. It’s very red and looks angry, in fact it IS making you look angry. You’re freaked out because it looks like it will only get fatter and possibly start oozing. Where is God????

Well, we’ve all been there which is why we formulated our Bolden Overnight Spot Treatment. We were initially gleeful about it and almost called it Bolden’s “Zit Be Gone”. Common sense prevailed. Our treatment was formulated to zap these buggers within 24 to 48 hours. Its main ingredient is sulfur, which goes deep into those pores, killing the bacteria that is creating all this mayhem and preventing more from growing and also helping to shed the lining  protecting them within the pores. Sulfur is milder and a lot less irritating than other acids known for killing acne-causing bacteria.

Other great ingredients in this formulation include Cleome Gynandra Leaf Extract which regulates sebum production (too much sebum means too much oil) and reduces inflammation; and Willow Bark Extract, which contains salicylic acid and helps reduce irritation and scarring.

Add our Bolden Overnight Spot Treatment to your face care arsenal. You never know when you’ll need it! Check it out here.