I just wanted to share some very positive feedback regarding your Shea Oil.  My 4 year-old son has suffered from eczema on his arms and legs, pretty much since the day he was born.  We have tried numerous products over the past few years years, including adult strength Cortisone creams recommended by doctors.  Absolutely NOTHING has given him the relief that your Shea Oil has provided.  For that, I am extremely grateful and just wanted to say a very big THANK YOU!!  The attached picture contains a "before & after" shot.  The "after" shot was taken about 3 weeks after I started using the Shea Oil on him.  But in all honesty, we started seeing results after just 3 days.  The product has seriously been a life-saver for his dry, irritated, itchy skin.  Thank you again!!  You have an extremely satisfied, extremely happy customer in us! :-) 



Time to re-up on my #boldensheaoil!

If you haven't tried it, #getsome.

My eczema has not reappeared since I started using this daily.