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Shea Oil

How to Make Sure Your Black Does Not Crack

Celebrities we love from Nia Long to Pharrell Williams swear that exfoliating is the secret to their youthful looking skin, and we have to agree. Exfoliation takes skin from good to radiant by sloughing off dead skin, revealing new and glowing skin underneath.

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Why you need to have a breast screening routine
It’s breast cancer awareness month and a good time to remind ourselves to stay vigilant and follow through with checking out any unusual signs or symptoms. Knowing what your breasts look like and how they normally feel is a good first step in breast health.

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Bolden's 6 Favorite DIY Scrubs
Every once in a while we have to remind ourselves to take a little time to indulge.These D.I.Y body scrub recipes are as easy as it gets - just grab a mason jar or any 4-8 oz container with lid, a spatula to stir with, and the ingredients below. Measure out and mix vigorously and it is ready to use.

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