Facial Line

Bolden Clear Skin Kit
$ 88.50 Email when available
Skin Clarifying Cleanser
$ 16.50
Brightening Glycolic Acid Toner
$ 19.50
SPF 30 Brightening Moisturizer
$ 28.00

Nightime Repair Serum with 10% Glycolic Acid
$ 29.50
GLOW Hydrating Mask
$ 19.50
Clear Skin Clay Mask
$ 18.50
Overnight Spot Treatment
$ 14.50

Bolden Cleansing Duo
$ 34.00 Email when available
Bolden Dark Spot Eliminator Kit
$ 73.00 Email when available
Bolden Acne Treatment Kit
$ 31.00 $ 33.00
Bolden GLOW Kit
$ 45.00 $ 47.50

Shea Oil

Sweet Vanilla Shea Butter Oil
$ 17.50
Is Your Protective Face Mask Causing Breakouts?
With the pandemic being what it is today, we’ve all had to adapt to wearing protective face masks daily. Skin problems can arise when we wear any sort of covering on our face, be it home-made cloth masks, or the medical grade masks. Since it appears masks are here to stay for the foreseeable future, how can we better manage the effects of wearing masks for long periods?

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How to Tell if Your Skin is Purging
Purging refers to the type of breakout that sometimes occurs after you introduce a new product into your routine. When used for the first time, ingredients that promote cell turnover such as retinoids, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid, prompt cells to turnover - a process that speeds up new cell formation.

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Refresh Your Skincare Routine this Spring

We’ve been cooped up these last few months and become too familiar with the insides of our homes. Spring holds the promise of new beginnings and calls on us to clean out our closets, Feng Shui our furniture and even look for new boos (via zoom and/or social media!!!); and while we make these changes, many of us forget to revamp our skincare routines for the new season.

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