Is My Skin Getting More Sensitive?

Collectively, could our skin be getting more sensitive? It is quite possible, with the increased use of actives in all types of skincare formulations, and with no easy way to access data on the concentration of ingredients in the formulations we use. In theory, we could be using more actives than we think, and this can lead to exposure to certain ingredients in concentrations that  irritate the skin. If you notice redness, burning, itching, or stinging after applying a product, your skin may be reacting to something in the product. Regardless of the reaction you experience with skincare products, maintaining a healthy skin barrier could make your skin less sensitive.
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Toners Don’t Get Enough Love

Toners are sometimes overlooked and get a bad wrap from years when they were mostly full of alcohol, but not so anymore. This new generation of toners like our Skin Brightening Toner makes sense in your skincare routine. They serve double purpose ensuring that no dirt is left behind on the skin after cleansing, and deliver a number of skin nurt...
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Shea Butter vs. Shea Oil

Are you #teamsheabutter or #teamsheaoil? We love both, but if we have to choose, we are #teamsheaoil all day!

Here’s why, Shea Oil is like Shea Butter’s bougie cousin who got a masters; she has all the bases covered, plus a little extra something.

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