Shea Butter vs. Shea Oil

Are you #teamsheabutter or #teamsheaoil? We love both, but if we have to choose, we are #teamsheaoil all day!

Here’s why, Shea Oil is like Shea Butter’s bougie cousin who got a masters; she has all the bases covered, plus a little extra something.

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Combating Dry Skin

As the temperature falls and we begin turning on heaters to stay warm, your “normal’ skin may start to feel dry, and if you had dry skin to begin with, that dryness becomes exaggerated.

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Let's Talk Breast Self Exams & Mammograms

Regardless of age, most of us  have been impacted by breast cancer one way or another—some of us may be receiving treatment for it, survived it, or have known someone affected by it. One important truth about it is that early detection can save a life. It can mean finding breast cancer at Stage 0 where a surgical removal may be all that is needed or catching it at later stages but before it spreads to lymph nodes.
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