5 Reasons You May Still Be Breaking Out

Breakouts happen to the best of us. Its frequency and severity vary from person to person or even month to month, but it is an almost universal problem. Here are a few reasons why that new pimple on your face may have appeared:

1. Not washing your face properly: This also includes when you entirely forget to wash your face and sleep in your makeup. Once in a while when we are in a hurry or super tired and we skimp on this fundamental part of our routine, but we later pay the price. Best way to fix this is to go back to doing a good job with washing. Here’s a refresher on how to do it properly.

2. Stress: Believe us when we say only a few things are worse than a big old pimple showing up to add to an already stressful period. It’s of course usually right before your big day like your wedding day or a big pitch. Not surprisingly, there is an association between stress and acne. Stress triggers a hormonal response in the body that can make the oil producing glands overreact and cause a breakout. Add to this increased likelihood that we are sleeping poorly and making less than ideal food choices when we are stressed only exacerbates a bad situation. Preparing the body to be better able to deal with stress through stress relieving activities like meditation, yoga, and exercise will go a long way in preventing a stress induced breakout due to stress.

3. Hormones: A glance at the calendar usual confirms what your skin may already be telling you i.e, it’s “that time of the month”. Don’t sigh, it’s biology - yep, your hormones are up to their usual tricks. Changes in levels of certain hormones can trigger inflammation which can present as acne. Best thing to do if it is not a severe case is to try to shorten its duration with the help of some timely topicals + sunscreen during the day.

4. Using too many products: The quest for that perfect skin may lead us to include several serums, essence, and creams. This can sometimes be counterproductive if products don’t play well together or contain several active ingredients in varying concentrations. The result is usually an overly dry or irritated skin that can lead to breakouts as the skin is left vulnerable. If this is you, we suggest a back to basics 3-step routine that includes a gentle cleanse, tone and SPF moisturizer for daytime. At night, swap out the SPF for a rich hydrating moisturizer. Take a break from strong acids and retinol to allow your skin’s moisture barrier to repair itself.

5. Environment: Often overlooked, this broad category includes many factors like how clean your face towels or pillowcases are, or even your cellphone - which is notoriously dirtier than you think.  Being aware and mindful of things that are in contact with your skin and the environment we exist in will help with adjustments that can lead to a happier acne free skin.