2021 Here We Come!

2021 is off to the races! The first 2 weeks have been a mixed bag to say the least, but we can only remain hopeful the year will reveal itself in many pleasant ways.

At Bolden, we are focusing on what is going well for us. For one our best-selling Brightening Toner is back in stock and we plan to keep it that way - we are speaking to all of you who purchased 3 and 4 toners! That was such a no confidence vote 🙃, but we kind of understand. Going forward, we have built in redundancies, so as not to go out of stock.

 Also, we won another award! Into The Gloss, the popular skincare blog, named our SPF 30 Brightening Moisturizer  #2 on their “Top 25 2020: The Next Generation” for which we are thrilled. They called it the GEMINI for how well we paired our main ingredients to deliver top notch performance. Here is the rest of what they had to say:

“Mac and cheese; Biden and Harris; sanitizer and hand lotion. Are they good on their own? Of course! But synergistically, the duo is better than either one alone. In German that’s called gestalt—in skincare it is Bolden’s powerhouse Brightening Moisturizer, which brings together two ingredients clinically proven to excel in tandem. Reef-safe chemical filters block harmful UVA and UVB rays while antioxidants (vitamins C and E, plus ferulic acid via bran extract) neutralize free radicals from the sun, screens, and pollution. It’s one step to protection that never leaves you ghostly.”

Into the gloss - Bolden Award

Thank you, Ali Oshinsky, and the team at Into The Gloss, for the honor. We are looking forward to a 2021 that is better than 2020 in every possible way.


Chinelo + Ndidi

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Antonisha Gore

Congratulations on the award

Antonisha Gore

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