4 Women of Color Activists On Our Radar

Happy Black History Month, folks!

While we already know 2018 is gearing up to be one for the books, February is going to be a month full of extra black girl magic, black boy joy, and everything in between.  2018 is also a big year for politics, so we wanted to kick off the month by sharing 4 women of color activists who are using their gifts to serve often ignored communities. This article is dedicated to Erica Garner, daughter of Eric Garner, who passed away in December 2017 after years of fighting for justice for her father’s murder. May she rest in peace as we continue her work.

Tarana Burke, Me Too Movement
Prior to the viral hashtags,Tarana Burke began the Me Too movement in 2007, as a way to support survivors of sexual abuse in under-served communities.The Harlem native is dedicated to putting the focus back on the survivors and reminding people that intersectionality in these movements are crucial. Join the movement and learn how to magnify Tarana’s message.

Source: Motto

Rose Clemente
It’s been 4 months since Hurricane Maria and Irma struck Puerto Rico and while government response continues to be abysmal, citizens like Rosa Clemente refuse to give up on the island. The Cornell alum and community organizer hit the ground after the hurricanes with a team of independent Latinx journalists to document the goings-on in Puerto Rico under the PR on the Map organization.

Source: Rosa Clemente

London Breed
Former Mayor of San Francisco
Following the death of San Francisco Mayor, Ed Lee, London Breed was sworn in as acting Mayor. This opportunity was most exciting as Breed was the first black female Mayor that had served in the city’s history. Her support for public safety, affordable housing and progressive values, make her a popular candidate for the upcoming Mayoral race.
London Breed photo: Facebook

Dejuana Thompson
Woke Vote
Black women, led by Dejuana Thompson arrived in droves to support candidate, Doug Jones during the Alabama senatorial race. Dejuana Thompson’s organization Woke Vote, seeks to empower, inform and encourage action in the face of voter suppression and high incarceration rates and helped to secure a 90% voter turnout rate within the black communities of Alabama.

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