Bolden at Target!

It’s been a few months since we launched at Target and we are very grateful for the support our Bolden Tribe has shown us! Target is an important milestone for us; for one it means more access - you can now walk into your neighborhood store and pick up same day, so there’s less anxiety about running out of your favs. It also creates more opportunities for discovery, and that’s the part we are especially excited for. We love that we are being introduced to folks who otherwise would not have heard of our brand and we see our tribe expanding.

We encourage you to keep looking out for us in the beauty aisles of the almost 200 Target stores that currently stock our products; take selfies and share with your friends and family; tag us on your target runs with #BoldenatTarget. If we continue to perform well in these 200 stores, Target will increase our store count and footprint. How well we perform may also have implications beyond us; it may affect how easy it is for the next brand catering to black women to get on the shelves of a major retailer. 

For our part, we’ll continue to make black women’s skincare needs priority. Only ingredients that are personally good enough for both of us make it into our formulations and we love the fact that we are our customers. We have new and exciting products in the pipeline, so please stay tuned!

Chinelo + Ndidi


Shirley short

Target no longer have your products in there store I went to buy it n a employee there look it up in said it was discontinued there is there another store I can find your products at

Shirley short

Hi there, I am happy that you are expanding your presence in the U.S. As a Nigerian living in Denmark, I can’t wait for your products to be available more broadly. Out of curiosity, are fragrance free options in the pipeline?


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