The ABC's of Bolden Skincare

There are good for you ingredients, and great for the skin regimens that we think should be a part of your skincare routine. We’ve captured some of these in an alphabetical list which is by no means exhaustive. 

A is for Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA)
because we know exfoliating is important to revealing new skin! AHAs are chemical exfoliants derived from plants that gently loosen and remove dead skin cells. Glycolic acid (see Bolden’s Nighttime Repair Serum and Brightening Toner) and lactic acid are the most popular AHAs.

B is for Broad Spectrum, for protection against invisible rays UVA and UVB. UVA (think A for Aging) can penetrate deep into the skin and cause premature aging, sun spots, and hyperpigmentation. UVB (think B for Burn) is the invisible ray that causes sunburn and tends to damage the skin's more superficial layers. It also plays a key role in the formation of skin cancer cells.

C is for Collagen
, a protein that naturally exists in the skin and gives it support and structure. However, collagen production diminishes with age leading to loss of elasticity. This gradual loss of elasticity is what makes wrinkles more visible.

D is for Double Cleansing,
when you use a cleansing oil to remove sebum, makeup, sunscreen and any other stuff that needs to come off, and then following up with a nourishing cleanser. The oil works as a gentle solvent, effectively removing dirt and all the product you want off, without stripping your skin. The second foaming cleanser removes any leftover oil and finishes up the cleaning. Bolden’s Shea Oil and Sulfate-Free Cleanser are the perfect duo for a double cleanse.

E is for Exfoliation,
the process of removing dead cells on the skin’s surface to make room for newer cells. Our skin cells turn over anywhere from every few days (in babies) to every 40 days (in older adults); for the average adult it’s about 28 days. As we get older exfoliation becomes important to help offset this significant slow down in the cell turn over process.

F is for Vitamin F
which is not actually a vitamin. The “F” stands for fatty acids, specifically linolenic acid also known as omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, and linoleic acid a.k.a omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid. Since these two fatty acids are a mouthful to say, they are fondly referred to as vitamin F. They help with maintaining a healthy skin barrier, and sealing in moisture.

G is for Glycerin, a natural humectant capable of pulling moisture deep from the skin to the skin’s surface. Glycerin softens and smooths the skin by effectively attracting and retaining moisture.

H is for Hyaluronic Acid, a popular humectant and star ingredient in our GLOW Hydrating Mask, it works to restore the skin’s moisture content and defend it against moisture loss! Hyaluronic Acid molecules sit on top of the skin drawing moisture from the environment and creating somewhat of a moisture cushion on the surface.

I is for Inactives, ingredients that are usually listed in descending order of concentration. “Inactive” does not mean the ingredients don’t have any effect; rather, it simply means that they are not regulated as active ingredients.

J is for Just Wear Your Sunscreen!

K is for Kojic Acid, produced from many different types of fungi, and is often described as a complexion saver. It inhibits the enzyme that is needed for the production of melanin, and as a result, diminishes the look of dark spots and skin discolorations and brightens the skin. Look out for it in our newest product, our Bolden Dark Spot Fix launching in a few weeks.

L is for Licorice Root Extract, sure to deliver visible results when it comes to fading and preventing dark spots and hyperpigmentation on the skin. It contains liquiritin and licochalcone, both of which are tyrosinase inhibitors that prevent dark spots from forming and can also fade exiting ones. Over time with regular use, the skin become more even toned.

M is for Melanin, the pigment that gives skin and hair its color and for Moisturize, a very important step in taking care of your melanin rich skin! Your skin needs hydration otherwise it can lead to dry skin which speeds up aging, or oily skin (skin is producing more oil to compensate) which can lead to breakouts.

N is for Niacinamide, a form of Vitamin B3 is a powerhouse ingredient for brightening and hydration. It prevents the transfer of pigment within the skin, which helps prevent dark spots. It also strengthens and repairs the skin barrier, making it great for sensitive skin suffering from a compromised skin barrier. It is an ingredient in our Brightening Toner.

O is for Octinixate,
is a chemical sunscreen that filters UVB rays. It’s safe and effective when applied topically.

P is for Panthenol, a stable and non irritating form of Vitamin B5. When applied topically, it penetrates the skin layers and gets absorbed by the skin from where it is converted to Vitamin B5. Panthenol performs double duty as both humectant that reduces moisture loss, and as a wound healing emollient, repairing and softening the skin. It is an ingredient in our Brightening Toner.

Q is for Quit Picking Your Face!

R is for Retinol, an action packed Vitamin A derivative that stimulates collagen production and cell renewal, so it helps improve the skin’s elasticity, firmness and fines lines. It can cause dryness and irritation so when introducing it, start slowly and at a low concentration to see how your skin responds.

S is for SPF 30, which stands for Sun Protection Factor 30, and describes how well a sunscreen protects you from UVB (Ultraviolet B) radiation. It measures how much UVB gets through the sunscreen. No sunscreen can filter out 100% of UV rays but the higher the SPF factor, the less UVB rays can pass through. An SPF of 30 filters ~96.7% of UVB.

T is for Tranexamic Acid, is a powerful ingredient hailed for its ability to effectively fade discolorations by interrupting pathways in the skin that trigger uneven tone. It’s a big reason why you should stay tuned for our newest product, our Bolden Dark Spot Fix launching in few weeks.

U is for Urea, an ingredient that might make you pause when browsing an ingredient list but no worries, urea used in skincare is synthetically made. It exfoliates the skin and eliminates the top layer of dry, scaly skin. 

V is for Vitamin C, our hero ingredient and a great addition to your routine to help prevent pigment formation. Not only does it help prevent pigment formation, it also has UV protection, and is great at regulating the collagen synthesis and production. Find it in our Brightening Moisturizer SPF 30 and our AWAKE Under Eye Patch.

W is for Witch Hazel which helps to tighten and smooth the skin’s texture, it can reduce swelling, repair broken skin, and make the skin less conducive for bacteria to thrive.

X is for Xanthum Gum, an ingredient we love in our formulations. It’s very safe to use and mainly used as a thickening agent. It also works as an emulsifier, helping to bind other ingredients together and is what helps a formulation achieve that smooth and silky texture.

Y is for YES, to using sunscreen daily to protect your skin from the sun!

Z is for Zinc Gluconate, used to effectively treat inflammation acne and is an ingredient in our Skin Clarifying Cleanser. It also helps regulate sebum production; excess sebum can lead to clogged pores and consequently result in acne blemishes.

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