What is Clean Beauty?


A Trend We Can Get Behind

It is the biggest trend in beauty, and it describes beauty products that will not harm the body or the environment. For us at Bolden, it means that we will be very mindful of the ingredients used in our formulations and will not include any that is proven or suspected to be toxic to the body or the environment. Our ingredients will be ethically sourced with consideration for the wellbeing of the people involved in the process.


Science Based

Safe and well researched ingredients will always be the corner stone of our formulations. We elegantly balance actives at ideal pH levels to deliver non-irritating formulations that perform well.


Natural vs. Synthetic

A frequently asked question about beauty products is: is it natural? We understand that the spirit of the question is about safety, as people often use “natural” as a catch all or shorthand for “safe”. We want our consumers to know that natural does not automatically mean safe and may not even mean that the product is effective. The focus should be on safety, and not the source of an ingredient. If there are ever questions about the safety of an ingredient, we will avoid using it and find alternatives; we review every ingredient in our formulation to make sure it is the safest and most effectiveSometimes that may mean adding man-made ingredients, but they will always be the safest and always be backed by science. So regardless of trendy labels like “natural, “botanical” or “cleanwe have always used, and will continue to only use, good-for-you ingredients, because our customers deserve it.

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Debbie Foster

Congratulations ladies. I found out about your products today, May 20th. After work I will stop by Target to pick up some of your products. Keep up the good work ladies. Debbie- New Orleans

Debbie Foster

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